Water & Waste Water

Condensation occurs when warm, moist air meets a cold surface. An example of this is when taking a cold drink from a fridge into ambient conditions, and finding that condensation forms around the bottle. In a water treatment plant, the same occurs, with the water in the pipes being cooler than the surrounding air, and thus causing condensation to form. This condensation causes corrosion of pipes and electronic equipment as well as mold growth and faults caused by condensation on UV scanners.

Cold Water Faucet

Cold Water Faucet

In the past, heaters were used to combat these issues, but dry air provided by Munters equipment uses 1/6 of the energy and produces better results.

Dehumidification of water treatment plants has a number of advantages:

Water - Waste Water 2• Prevention of condensation, corrosion and mold

• Protecting electronic equipment

Reducing energy costs through replacing heating

• Security of supply


By installing Munters dehumidification systems in water purification plants, tanks or water towers, you enhance health and safety conditions and substantially reduce your operating costs.

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