Storage, Preservation & Archives

Munters provide optimal protection of film, tapes, documents, books and artifacts in archives, museums, libraries, storage tents and self-storage facilities by creating and maintaining a controlled and constant storage climate around the year.

Storage - Preservation

Materials are damaged when exposed to high relative humidity. Most materials will be preserved and unaffected at humidity levels below 50% RH. The only reliable protection, irrespective of weather conditions, is dry air produced by a desiccant dehumidifier.

Heating is a common method for trying to control the relative humidity. Temperature itself has no impact on the quality of materials (except for some liquids) and as the relative humidity in a heated store will fluctuate between 20-70% RH depending on the outdoor conditions, this method is both ineffective and costly.

In a dehumidified store the relative humidity can be controlled and constant throughout the year – irrespective of the conditions outside. Heating can be reduced, and the stored materials will keep their high quality.

Compared to heating, the energy savings by dehumidifying will typically amount to 30-70%!

Munters dehumidifiers are used worldwide to protect electronics, film, tapes, documents, books and artefacts in archives, museums, libraries, storage tents and self-storage facilities.

Our standalone dehumidifiers provide energy efficient protection in general storage. When more demanding climate control is needed, Munters’ system solutions provide full temperature and humidity control by means of compact customer designed systems.

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Dry storage prevents:

  • Mold, mildew and fungus
  • Corrosion and damage
  • Bacterial growth
  • Contact corrosion on electronics
  • Degradation of film and documents