Steel Industry

Munters can assist with numerous applications within the Steel industry. From process using mist elimination right through to storage with dehumidification systems.

Steel Industry


The need to remove and separate liquids as well as contaminants is fundamental throughout many industrial processes. Mist elimination plays a vital role in reducing chemical losses and emissions, protection of sensitive equipment and reducing the contaminants in gases.

Examples for reasonable use of mist eliminators in the steel industry are:

Reduction of chemical loss & emissions:

Pickling lines / Scrubbers / absorbers / evaporators / removal of contaminates stack rain

Protect sensitive equipment

Compressors / Turbines & Gas Turbine air intake filters

Steel Industry 2Storage

When storing steel products keeping a low relative humidity (RH) is essential to prevent corrosion and oxidisation.

Research has shown that above 50% is greatly accelerated from 100-2000 times greater than oxidisation rates at a lower humidity.

Store / Protect / Prevent / Save

Munters effective desiccant dehumidifiers work by supplying dry air into the store. The desiccant dehumidified store ensures the relative humidity is controlled constantly throughout the year, irrespective of fluctuating outdoor conditions.

Storing metal products like galvanized steel, cold surfaces can “sweat” causing metal parts to corrode. Using dehumidification to store metal materials keeps the product quality high with less waste

Air from the store is drawn through the desiccant drying wheel and the moist air is absorbed by the hygroscopic desiccant. The air leaves the rotor as dry air and is distributed at high level into the store to dissipate throughout.

Legislation within the steel industry around the world is constantly rising. These demands can affect the profitability and the existence of a plant, so it is essential to find the right solutions that meet these demands at reasonable costs.

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