Retail & Supermarkets

Excess amounts of humid air entering a retail space can create an uncomfortable store environment.

Retail - Supermarkets

Not only does humid air make consumers and employees feel cold and clammy, but it causes the store’s HVAC systems to work harder in order to reach ideal temperatures and results in higher energy bills. HVAC designers are faced with the challenge to meet sensible and latent cooling requirements, while reducing carbon footprint and ensuring greater energy efficiency. The retail industry has realized higher sales and lower operating costs when installing a more efficient, high performing HVAC system that creates a comfortable, healthy environment to work and shop in.

Retail - Supermarkets 2ASHRAE standards demand that ventilation air be brought in to commercial spaces for better indoor air quality. Munters’ products utilize energy recovery and humidity control technologies that can supply the proper amount of fresh, healthy outdoor air at the precise temperature and humidity necessary for any retail space. Just by simply lowering humidity, an HVAC system will operate more efficiently to cool a facility, resulting in lower energy bills by as much as 40 percent.

Whether for new construction or retrofit, retail facilities can save up to 40 percent on energy with Munters’ dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS). Ensuring ventilation air is treated properly will also prevent product and/or structural deterioration.