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Munters is a global leader in the provision of energy efficient and innovative solutions for the pulp, paper and printing industry, where the control of humidity is critical

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This is why many companies contact Munters for permanent or temporary humidity control solutions during operation, planned shutdowns and maintenance periods.

Maintaining the quality and integrity of the paper is key to profitability. The elimination of mold, the long term preservation of the paper in the warehouse and the reduction of paper-damage by moisture is all possible through the use of Munters moisture control systems.


Pulp Paper - Printing 2Munters is able to offer two types of climate control equipment for use in the pulp and paper mills; dehumidifiers and humidifiers. Drawing from a wide portfolio of products, Munters is able to remove large amounts of water vapor from areas that are naturally prone to high humidity. Munters is able to lower the moisture load in the facility and protect premium paper rolls from moisture gain or damage. Providing a lower humidity within the plant also provides additional benefits by preventing costly corrosion and electronics failures to machinery, which can regularly occur during extended downtime.


Pulp Paper - Printing 3For the printing and paper industry, if the relative humidity level is too low, paper will lose its strength and become brittle. It is very important to maintain a consistent humidity level during the printing process, in orderto optimize the printing quality and minimize the scrapping of printed material and documents. On the other side, problems with static electricity will influence the final printing result; therefore it is very important for digital print machines to have the correct relative humidity when printing. A beneficial by-product of maintaining humidity levels using evaporative technology is a significant element of cooling, which is a valuable benefit as modern digital printing machines creates a lot of heat.

Munters evaporative technology can help provide your perfect climate for Pulp, Paper & Printing.