Commercial & Public Buildings

Commercial and public buildings must protect the health, safety and general well-being of those occupying the space.

Commercial - Public BuildingsPublic places require a certain percent of outdoor ventilation air. However, the humidity and temperature must be maintained at a precise and constant level. Unwanted moisture affects the entire building from the actual structure to its occupants and their health.  Insufficient humidity control results in moldy supplies such as books, and structural decay such as damaged carpet and warped flooring.  Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) leads to headaches, fatigue, asthma (and other respiratory-related problems), an inability to concentrate making for a less productive workplace. Some office buildings have archive storage or private fine art collections that need to be protected to prevent against deterioration.

Many commercial office and public buildings have benefitted from Munters’ systems since units of a wide capacity are available. Munters has the experience and expertise to assist you in obtaining the best solution to improve your IAQ while reducing building maintenance and energy costs.

Indoor air quality is a growing concern for everyone. Munters equipment utilizes energy recovery and humidity control technology and can supply the proper amount of fresh, healthy outdoor air at the precise temperature and humidity necessary for any retail or office space.