About Us


PT. Humitek Global is an equipment distributor / agency company of refrigeration (Air Conditioners) and solve humidity (Dehumidifiers). Our focus is on the sector of industrial, commercial buildings, hospitals, data centers and hotels.

Since 1990 we have been the sole agent of dehumidifiers from Munters, where Munters is a global leader and premium partners in energy efficient air treatment solutions. Munters has defined the future of air processing since 1955. Today, manufacturing and sales carried out in 30 countries with approximately 2,700 employees.


Making the PT. Humitek Global as a qualified and reliable leading provider of refrigeration and air humidity equipment.

Our scope of services includes the preservation / archiving (Articles, Documents, Movies), climate control, human comfort, Drying of products, the Protection of Electronic, R & D Labs and clean rooms, storage areas, etc.

Our marketing area throughout Indonesia with our sales target for the industry of food processing, drug processing, chemical, automotive, Commercial & Public Buildings, Food & Beverage, Construction, Education, Retail & Supermarkets, Hospitals, Power Generation & Distribution, etc.

PT Humitek Global is committed to impeccable service in satisfying customers by providing quality products and appropriate awake and after-sales support.